Tackle criminal activities in the outlying area

Tackle criminal activities in the outlying area

OSSENDRECHT – Drug dumps, wildcrosses and syrups. These criminal activities are the order of the day in the countryside. The municipality of Woensdrecht is strongly committed to enforcement, as was shown on May 16 during the fourth meeting of ‘Meeting in the Green’, this time at the Volksabdij in Ossendrecht.

It is a meeting for various nature organizations, municipalities, the province of Noord-Brabant, water boards, the Public Prosecution Service, Samen Sterk in Brabant (SSIB), police, foresters and extraordinary investigating officers. Together they discuss issues such as the bottlenecks in the countryside and how, for example, criminal activities can be tackled together.

Close roads to protect nature reserves
Mayor Steven Adriaansen of the municipality of Woensdrecht has ideas about this. Shutting down roads, encouraging citizens to report suspicious situations, using technical ingenuity, the mayor is doing everything he can to keep ‘his’ large outdoor area livable. Cleaning up an xtc barrel recently cost the municipality 21,000 euros. You want to prevent this!

,, Criminals who dump drug waste can now drive too far into the nature reserves. We look at which roads we can close. ”Visitors’ eyes and ears are also more than welcome. According to the mayor, the problem is that they often do not know where to report. ,, That is possible in so many places, it’s unclear. We want people to call the municipality so that we can engage the right organization. ”A campaign for this will be started shortly.

Technical ingenuity can relieve workloads from
extraordinary investigating officers.
Modern technology can also be a welcome tool. ,, There is as much as possible. For example, you can ensure that a sensor goes off if a car turns up after a certain time in a strange place in the countryside. It is all possible and it relieves the boas who are already very busy. “

Sixteen green extraordinary investigating officers from SSIB drive around the entire outskirts of North Brabant. In contrast to the blue extraordinary investigating officers operating in the towns and villages, the green investigators all have a baton and pepper spray at their disposal.

 “Extending that with a firearm, the province is not in favor of that,” Deputy Johan van den Hout said. “But we should seriously consider a bodycam.” The small cameras can be important in providing evidence.

Extraordinary investigating officers wants radios
Access to better means of communication is also a wish. “Two-way radios, for example, and direct access to the control room,” said Theo Wams, director of Nature Management, who also called attention to working safely for extraordinary investigating officers . But with the roughening of manners and the current problems in the countryside, enforcement is growing above us. “

Source: BN / DeStem (https://www.bndestem.nl/bergen-op-zoom/criminele- Activiteiten-in-het-buitengebied-fors-aanpakken~a2437f2d/)