Potato Europe

Potato Europe

Start datum: september 12, 2018

Eind datum: september 13, 2018

Locatie: Rittergut Bockerode - Germany

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for forging new contacts and getting first-hand informationon what’s state of the art in the industry.

You are cordially invited to come and find out what the future holds in store for you!

  • Meet the over 200 exhibitors from home and abroad with the latest technology, a large range of varieties and extensive know-how covering all aspects of successful potato production
  • Experience Europe’s largest collection of live machinery demonstrations in the potato sector in 2018.
  • Gather information in three Specials about the cultivation and marketing of organic potatoes, alternative herbicide reduction methods and optoelectronic sorting.
  • Enter into dialogue with professional colleagues from all over the world – the last PotatoEurope attracted visitors from over 55 countries.
Petra Lauwerijssen-van Rijsbergen
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