Free remote sensing data

On this page you can find links to different websites with free data that can be used for remote sensing applications

AHN Lidar data for the Netherlands
Streetmap Freely available and editable maps
Google earth  
Taakkaart Information on variations of biomass on plot level. Making maps with the help of satelite images. A helpfull tool of making task cards for the agricultural sector. Information on the plot level of the construction plan (crops), the altitude, the type of soil and the biomass via the growth monitor. Multiple services behind the private section for subscribers.
PDOK PDOK is the central portal of country-wide geo-information in the Netherlands. These data come directly from the source, different governmental organizations are the owners of the data.
Scheldestromen Interactive digital maps of Scheldestromen water board in Zeeland.
Province of Zeeland Maps of the Province of Zeeland, topographic maps, historical aerial photographs, etc.
Topotijdreis Based on old historical maps an overview of the historical development of an area / region.

Geopunt is the central gateway to geographic government information. The geoportal makes geographical information accessible to government agencies, citizens, organizations and companies.
Terrascope Sentinel I, II and III
Easy access to satellite data, products and services.
EODaS EODaS Open LiDAR provides access to raw remote sensing data from DHMV
Instituut Natuur- en Bosonderzoek Institute for Nature and Forest Research.
The INBO manages and / or supports various databases and interactive applications.
Dov vlaanderen DOV informs you about the subsurface in Flanders.
Vito-eodata Daily global EO data at a spatial resolution of 1 km ˜ 300 m ˜ 100 m .
Scheldemonitor The ScheldeMonitor is a Flemish-Dutch knowledge and information portal about research and monitoring in the Scheldt estuary. This portal offers you an overview of the research landscape and an extensive collection of literature. In addition to information, measurement values and data products originating from various data sources are also disclosed.

UK Governement Data Several RS methods (e.g. LIDAR Digital Terrain Model, LIDAR Digital Surface Model, aerial photography, multispectral imagery) at different resolutions and differing levels of coverage.
Lidarfinder LIDAR coverage of the UK (at different resolutions).
Wales Government LIDAR (and several other open data mapping) coverage of Wales.
Newcastle University Newcastle University compiled a list of “Remote Sensing Internet Resources”.
ordnance survey Mapping data and geographic information.
UK Government Search database of open data published by the UK governement.
Natural England Geoportal of Natural Engeland
Earthdata NASA Geoportal of the NASA
UK Governement Oil and gas: onshore maps and GIS shapefiles
free gis data This page contains a categorised list of links to over 300 sites providing freely available geographic datasets – all ready for loading into a Geographic Information System
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Sentinel satelite Satellite data (Sentinels, Landsat and other providers) easily accessible for you to be browsed or analyzed, within our cloud GIS or within your own environment.
GEO SUD The GEOSUD project aims to boost the use in France of satellite imagery by researchers, public policy actors and, under conditions, private companies, in the fields of environment, agriculture and land development through the development of a national Data and Services Infrastructure.
France Government Geoportal of the France Government