Vertical Farming Conference, Brightlands Campus – Growing a large crop yield in a small footprint

Vertical Farming Conference, Brightlands Campus – Growing a large crop yield in a small footprint

The continually-growing world populations, the global trend to urbanisation, climate change and pressure on natural resources are key drivers for policies on global food security. Vertical farming is an innovative methodology for vertical cultivation of agricultural products, which can also realize true zero-mile city food supply. Vertical farms can be built in new or existing buildings and provide significant benefits in environmental sustainability and human health, minimizing the need for water and nutrients, and eliminating pesticides and fungicides, which are no longer needed.Vertical farming and urban agriculture, if designed and implemented appropriately, could offer sustainable and innovative solutions for improving food security. International Exhibition – FREE TO ATTEND

Showcasing 200 of the world’s leading suppliers of geospatial technology and service providers. Visitors can meet face-to-face with exhibitors displaying the latest in the geospatial industry including GIS data capture, laser scanning, photogrammetry, UAV’s, remote sensing, GPS and satellite positioning, cartography GIS and mapping based applications, 3D modelling and visualisation and land, building, utility, rail, hydrographic surveying equipment and services.

The seminar programme is new for 2018 and will be held in open theatres on the show floor. The seminars will focus on the remarkable impact geospatial technologies and solutions are having on our global environment and look how these solutions can increase productivity and de-risking whilst reducing costs.

Commercial Workshops – FREE TO ATTEND
Demonstrating the latest products and services first hand, providing visitors the opportunity to see them in action. Opportunity to gain full understanding of new solutions and capabilities and how they can be of benefit to the user. An opportunity for more in-depth discussions on a more one-to-one basis.

Strategic Senior Level Conference
An unrivalled opportunity to exchange global information about the latest geospatial technologies and services. Delegates can keep one step ahead with knowledge of the latest research and commercial developments. The GEO Business 2018 conference will address the part that geospatial has to play in maximising the digital economy by asking; How will geospatial enable said growth? What is the value to UK plc? Where does the future of geospatial lie? The conference will also look at how geospatial solutions are enabling change in society through community based projects for public good and how geospatial is helping to grow digital businesses with real life success stories on a global scale.

Social Activities
Providing visitors with the opportunity to network at the welcome drinks the night before the show opens, during the popular ale trail on the show floor on the opening day and the infamous gala dinner on the opening night.

Petra Lauwerijssen-van Rijsbergen
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