SuproFruit 2019

SuproFruit 2019

Start date: July 16, 2019

End date: July 18, 2019

Location: Kent - UK


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15th Workshop on Spray Application and Precision Technology in Fruit Growing

East Malling, United Kingdom, 16 –18 July 2019

NIAB EMR is delighted to be hosting SuproFruit 2019: The 15th Workshop on Spray Application and Precision Technology in Fruit Growing, on 16 – 18 July at East Malling.

SuproFruit workshops have taken place biennially in Europe since 1991 with a primary focus on developments in spray application techniques in fruit and other three dimensional crops. The workshops offer a platform for scientists, researchers, technicians, advisors,  manufacturers of spray equipment and industry from all over the world to present new ideas and developments, but also discussing various topics in a three day workshop.

At the 15th Workshop to take place at NIAB EMR, UK in July 2019, the scope of the conference is being widened to also cover PRECISION TECHNOLOGY. Precision technology encompasses techniques/tools/knowledge to target correct interventions of the correct magnitude according to need in time and space.  In fruit and other horticultural crops, individual plants and parts of plants can be treated according to their individual needs. These technologies have been playing an increasingly important part in spray application and in horticulture in general. Contributions on all aspects of precision technology including for example remote sensing, the use of UAVs, Normalised Difference Vegetation Index mapping, image analysis, machine learning, Decision Support Systems and the utilisation big data and the Internet of Things, and especially where these relate to spray application, will be welcomed.