Class Farmers

Class Farmers

This morning the bus from our ICAReS project was at the Korst agricultural company. The farm of Landbouwbedrijf Korst was visited by a number of pupils from a primary school in the area. This in the context of Class farmers.

An education visit on a farm is a supplement to regular education through practical experiences. Children learn not only with their heads, but also through feeling, tasting and doing.

From the ‘Week van de Brabantse Wal’ we were approached to introduce the children to the current (drone) techniques. One of our partners, TerraDrone, has also flown over the field with a drone. The children could follow the flight via the screen at the bus and they found that very interesting. The flight was neatly announced in advance because the field is in the CTR Woensdrecht. And of course also canceled afterwards.




Sven Willemsen
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