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The Icares demonstration Van is a standalone mobile UAV/Demonstration facility that is available for all SME’s in the ICARES cluster and free of charge during the project period (end date feb. 2020). After this period the Van can be used for a low maintaining fee.


The Icares-Van is equipped with:


–          Volkswagen Crafter with 2 seats (driver and passenger)
–          Workstation for co-pilot (4 monitors);
–          Workstation for  pilot (4 monitors);
–          Central computersystem;
–          Digital Soundsystem;
–          Stereo headphone for pilot and co-pilot
–          Standalone laptop;
–          Internet connection with dual-sim
–          Wi-Fi connection
–          GPS receiver
–          Plane tracking system
–          32 inch flat-screen TV
–          30x zoom Pan-Tilt-Rotate HD Digital Tracking Camera
–          VHF air traffic radio (only usable with correct transmitting license)
–          Extendable telescope antenna 5 meters;
–          Workbench with 220V outlets
–          Power supply to the Van through 220V outlet or 3.2 KW onboard Diesel-generator
–          Extendable Solar-screen


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